When your subsequent pregnancy didn’t go as you had wished

After Losing one child, most families are blessed with a perfectly healthy Rainbow baby, and this is what I sincerely wish to all of you.

Medical practitioners as well as literature agree, and we all certainly want to think that there is light at the end of our tunnel.

However, not every family has a happy ending. Some of them have a bittersweet subsequent pregnancy, welcoming a living child who is not perfectly healthy.

Other families might have to endure one or more subsequent losses.

I haven’t found much online on this subject as most literature seem to focus on the happy ending-stories. This is, i imagine, because someone who has already lost a child needs to read about experiences where the subsequent pregnancy’s outcome is a living and healthy child.

I stand on the very wrong side of statistics, having had a first stillborn baby, a living second-born child and then a miscarriage and another stillborn baby after him.

I do know several families who had happy endings, but I also know families who didn’t.



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I am sure this will be helpful to many families in the years to come.
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When your subsequent pregnancy didn’t go as you had wished
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