2nd Trimester Losses


Second Trimester Losses are less frequent than First Trimester Losses.

The death of a child during the Second Trimester seems so very cruel as mothers usually just started to feel better after the morning sicknesses and physical discomfort that are usual during the First Trimester.

You are just starting to get confident that your baby is fine and you are choosing his/her name and picturing how your life is going to be. You are typically already scouting for daycare reservations and planning your birth.

You most certainly started to share the good news and everyone is excited for you.

And when lightning strikes you are in disbelief, powerless, shocked and confused.

Life is so not fair…


Here under you can find some information on Second Trimester Losses:

American Academy of Family Physicians – Second Trimester Pregnancy Loss

The Many Possible Causes of Second Trimester Miscarriages

UC Davies Health System, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology – Understanding Second Trimester Loss
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