1st Trimester Losses


Miscarrying a child during the first trimester is statistically more common, but this doesn’t make it less painful.

We hear it everywhere and most pregnant women receive the suggestion not to share the news of their pregnancy until they reach week 12, when the danger of miscarriage decreases significantly.

My question is: WHY? Why shall we not share the good news? So that we can feel even more isolated if we lose our child? Why not sharing the good news? Shall we then share the bad news or keeping it to ourselves? Not every mother feels better to keep going as if nothing happened: the contrary is the case!

Even if you were still in the 1st trimester, this doesn’t mean that you hadn’t thought about your baby, and about how your life was abut to change…all the projects and the hopes for this new life that was cut short fill you with sadness…and the silence on top is maddening.

If so many women suffer a loss during the 1st trimester, why do we accept to be ‘shushed’? Why do we have to accept that we shouldn’t talk about it?


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