Memory Box – Baby Book

From the moment you know your baby has died, collect everything you think might become a treasured memory:

  • Scans of the baby: both the ones when (s)he was still alive and the one where his/her heart was not beating any longer;
  • Hospital bracelets;
  • Documents from the hospital;
  • Sympathy Cards;

Plan to create a Memory Box and/or a Baby Book for your baby.

Add pictures, condoleances cards and anything else that will make you remember and honour your baby. It will help you in your grieving process.

Please Post your own Albums or ways to honour and remember your Baby!


Samuel's Baby Book - Cover - Honouring the Memory of your deceased Baby Samuel's Baby Book - First Page - Honouring the Memory of your deceased Baby
Zachary's Baby Book - Cover - Honouring the Memory of your deceased Baby


I inserted the below-standing sentence in my private email’s signature 1 year after Samuel’s passing: I can count on the fingers of one hand the people that reacted to this during the past 5 years.
People just ignore it because it is so very uncomfortable to talk about the death of a baby…even if in this sentence, what I ask is exactly that!

“If you know a mother who has lost a child and you’re afraid to mention it because you think you might make her sad by reminding her: You’re not reminding her. She didn’t forget and never will. What you’re reminding her of is that you remembered that the child lived – and that is a great gift.”

What I want to achieve with this sentence is to raise awareness and break the silence towards a taboo subject like the death of a Baby.
I’m not sure I’m succeeding though…

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