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My name is Giovanna: I have been blessed with 4 pregnancies. I get to be the mother of 1 awesome living child named Joshua Tobia and 3 Angels.

My firstborn son Samuel Teo was born sleeping, due to a massive placental abruption @ 36 weeks and 2 days of pregnancy. He was born sleeping by emergency C-Section on January 11th, 2011. I almost died due to the internal bleeding caused by the placental abruption and gone undetected by the hospital staff.

After Samuel, I was blessed with Joshua, born alive by elective C-Section on August 13th 2012.

I fell pregnant again after one year of trying : his/her nickname was Ranocchietto (‘little frog’ in Italian): I miscarried him/her during my 9th week of pregnancy, on July 26th 2015.

I was enthusiastic to be pregnant again only 4 months later, certain that I would be able to have another living child: Zachary Adam’s little heart stopped beating during my 21st week of pregnancy. He was born sleeping after 15 hours of labor on April 1st 2016.

I found myself completely lost after the loss of my firstborn son and lost again after I was told that my 4th boy’s heart had stopped beating.

When we lose a baby we are so shocked that everything becomes a terrible effort: I would like to make it easier for all the families that are joining the baby-loss community.

I want to collect as much information as possible, linking to everything that is already available, in a structured and organized way.

I will need your assistance to accomplish this: what I want to create is the website I would have loved to stumble upon, when I first lost my baby. A place to gather information and read about the experience that other people made before us.

I was not thinking straight and I would have needed some advice on many things. My intention is to create an index to which each of you can add and adapt to you own personal experience.
We need to stick together in order to help each other in the lifelong grieving process of our Angels.

I want to celebrate the too short life of my Angels and I feel that I can do that if I can help someone find the information and support they need at any point during their grieving process.

I hope you will find some peace, I know how hard it is to even get up in the morning sometimes, but the love for your Angels can give you the strength you need to face the outside world again.

If you are blessed with one or more living child(ren), then you know how vital it is for them to see you are coping with your loss.
If you do not have living children, try to find all the reasons why the world needs you and your experience to become a more loving, compassionate and meaningful place.

Strength and peace coming your way…

… feel it…


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