Healing For Children and Adults: Picture-Books

In English

“Mommy, please don’t Cry…There are no Tears in Heaven” by Linda DeyMaz;
religious imprinting, but the message is sweet and healing;

“The Invisible String” by Patrice Karst and Geoff Stevenson;
not spiritual, nor religious, a heart-melting and upbeat picture book for children;

 “Tear Soup” by Pat Schwiebert and Chuck DeKlyen; www.griefwatch.com
sweet, generic on loss;

“I Miss you – A first Look at Death” by Pat Thomas;
generic on death, very gentle;

“Remembering Crystal” by Sebastian Loth:
true friendship is a gift that doesn’t die; very gentle;

“The Bear and the Wildcat” by Kazumi Yumoto and Komako Sakai:
a beautiful picture book about loneliness, loss and new beginnings;


En Français

“Les aventures extraordinaires de JJ PENNY ” de JadeJ:
la jeune auteure de 10 ans raconte la disparition de sa sœur jumelle et la place que cette dernière occupe dans son cœur;

In Italiano

  “La Regina Cuordighiaccio” di Claudia Ravaldi;
molto dolce; www.ciaolapo.it;

“Ninnananna Caterina” di Claudia Ravaldi (Associazione CiaoLapo);
molto dolce; www.ciaolapo.it; (sembra essere in ristampa);
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Healing For Children and Adults: Picture-Books
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