You will most probably have to face the decision if you want an autopsy to be performed or if you don’t.

If you want to keep all you options open and might want to try again, you will probably want to have it performed.
They could find a reason for your baby’s death that will help you to take a different set of precautions during a subsequent pregnancy.

You are also likely to want an answer, but be prepared to the fact that you might not receive any.

Not every autopsy is conclusive and will give you the answer as to why you’ll have to walk this planet without your precious baby.
Getting inconclusive results might make you angry and frustrated, on top of all the very strong emotions you are experiencing already.

Be sure to ask how long it will take for the results to be back: in most cases it can take weeks, if not months.

Should you receive the results yourself, think twice before opening the envelope or reading the content: it is a quite shocking read, so be prepared or delay it until you have discussed the results with your doctor first.
You can then decide if you want to read it yourself, or if it will just hurt you for no reason.

I read my son Samuels’s autopsy report and I still remember very vividly some details 5 years later: it didn’t help me in any way, on the contrary.

When Zachary, my last born child, died, I decided to ask for an autopsy, even if the likelihood of me trying again was very slim: but I wanted an answer.
When the doctor gave me Zachary’s autopsy results, he told me they were inconclusive and that they found no reason for his death. I scanned the report and put it in his folder. I haven’t read it yet: I am not sure I ever will.

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