This is the page I would have wanted to find when my baby died

I’m sorry you are reading this page, since it most probably means that either you or someone near you has just lost a baby. My heartfelt condolences, I’m truly sorry for your devastating loss.
Nevertheless, welcome to this site and welcome to the babyloss community.

The community you didn’t even know existed.

The community you certainly never wanted to be a part of.

Yet, I wish that you will find some comfort on this page and on the many linked pages and resources listed.

Be assured that you are not alone: there is a great community waiting to support you…we all know what you are going through and we are willing to share some insights about these very sad and confusing times.

When I lost my firstborn son, Samuel, I was a wreck. I spent hours, days, weeks searching for information through the internet. Books, articles, support pages, support groups, blogs: anything that would make me feel less isolated and alone.

There is a lot of wonderful support scattered throughout the internet and my intention is to create a hub, a search engine for infant loss-related information. I want to make it easier for people to find quickly and easily the information they need.

I hope you will find this website easy to navigate and that it will be your go-to-site when you’ll be looking for baby-loss related information.

Please add any resource you know of that is not listed! This way you’ll be making someone else’s grief-journey a little bit easier.

Thank you,


PS: I plan on adding more information and more links, but I couldn’t wait for this site to be ‘complete’ before publishing it, as it never will be ‘complete’.
I encourage you to help me make this site as complete as possible by letting me know what you would like to add.

Thank you

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